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08 July 2008 @ 11:45 am
I feel like it's time for a change, that's all.
I just want to start this over, so add my new journal if you'd like.

And any postcards/letters I owe you should be out shortly!  Sorry about that.  :)
13 June 2008 @ 01:12 pm
I'm baaaack. And I was mainly gone due to my crazy life.

Here's what happened in the smallest nutshell available.

1) My birthday... woo. I don't really care about birthdays, but the cake was good.
2) My grandparents agreed to help host some international students who were in St. Louis sight seeing from Illinois. They stayed at my grandparents for one night. I, excited as always by the prospect of new, foreign people, stayed the night also. We didn't know who they were or where they were from until we went to pick them up. I was hoping they'd speak french, for practice's sake. We got there, and the entire group was Chinese, except for two people from the Congo, who we had been randomly assigned to. "Coincidence," much. It was fun, they were really nice. My grandparents were really happy I had come, too, because I spoke french better than they spoke english and many misunderstandings were thus averted. :)
3) Job. I have a job. Because I was bored and wanted something to do over the summer. I have a job at a new, really nice arab restaurant that's not open yet. The couple who owned it had a private party for their daughter there, though, so I worked that night. It was fun.
Mini-stories from the night I worked:
a. One of the cousins, who must have been in his early twenties, got drunk really early in the night. I forget how I heard first, but his mother had told him to go away and that he was a disgrace to the family. (And don't take this all too seriously.) So he came back and hung out in the kitchen, and says, "My mom told me I was a disgrace to the family, but she's the most beautiful woman in the world. I love my mom. She's amazing...." And then he went on for at least ten minutes about what a wonderful woman his mom was. He was also really impressed that i could say his name right; he kept making me repeat it. Apparently most Americans can't say Ahmed.
b. I was wearing my cedar necklace (cedar as in cedar of Lebanon), and this woman stopped me, looking really happy, and said, "Oh, you're Lebanese!" So while I was explaining to her my relation to Lebanon and the fact that I wasn't really Lebanese but my dad had spent his entire childhood there... Jamal (my boss, who absolutely adores me and insists that as long as I work in his restaurant he'll be my second father) comes up smiling, saying, "She's Lebanese! Lebanese! We got a Lebanese girl to work here!" :P
4) I've been sick. Stupid sinuses. Ug. I think I'm kind of getting over it, but not entirely.
5) I still don't know about my dad's job hunting situation. The bank wanted him to take their original offer, and he was trying to see if they could up it by $1000 a month, but we haven't heard back yet.
6) Oh yes! A post card came from kill_the_onions and I got a letter from explodethestars. There's just so much love coming out of Turkey. ♥

That wasn't a very small nutshell.

So anyway, to make up for yet another absence, have some Grace Deeb.  I love Grace Deeb, and this is one of my favorite songs.

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29 May 2008 @ 10:50 am
My heart starts beating so fast the moment you sign in.
So what will it be like, in person, after two years?
God, what a mess!
But a beautiful mess.

And things have been turning out so nicely recently.  Even bad things that have happened have ended up working in our favor, to the point that it's almost funny.  I love the feeling you get when the universe is moving to better you.  I truly believe that things want to unfold to help you; you just have to be willing to accept that help and believe that such things are possible.

I feel like the world is about to take a turn for the better.  Not just my world, but the world.  Of course, with the way things have been in recent years, almost anything would be better.  =P
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28 May 2008 @ 11:42 am
My  dad came back from Beirut on Sunday.
He brought baklawa, movies, music, books, T-shirts from AUB, and a bunch of other nice things.  It was more exciting than Christmas.
It really does sound like he made a lot of progress, given the situation.  He has a whole list of people to talk to now.  The good news is that according a major head hunting agency he talked to, there's a huge demand for programmers in Lebanon.  We've yet to hear back from the bank, but not many working days have passed (they're off half of saturday, then all of sunday and monday).

I've decided I need to keep myself occupied this summer.  This means getting up before noon, unlike last summer, cleaning, and putting myself in a few self-instructed classes of sorts.  I have two french books that my teacher gave me when she was cleaning out her room that will do nicely for studying French this summer.  I have a mountain of books for Arabic that I've been given by various sources that I should finally make use of, now that I have the time.  I also think I'll read the book my dad brought back on the history of modern Lebanon--it's rather dry, but it's stuff I want to know.  And probably need to know, if I'm ever going to understand that crazy place.

I have a few parties to go to in the last half of the week.  I don't know.  I'm feeling kind of anti-social right now.  Not in a bad way, just in a way where I'd prefer my own thoughts or a few people to a party full of people.

We went over to visit our family friend yesterday.  His wife and kids moved back to Lebanon a month or two ago because they just couldn't stand it here (Yeah.  It's that bad.), and he says he's been kind of depressed without them.  He's working on finding a job there too, but not having much luck.  Sites like monster.com, monster gulf, hirelebanese.com, and bayt.com just don't do it.  You really need to network and find people, I guess.

The bright side is everyone we've talked to is very optimistic about the situation in Lebanon.  The general consensus is that Lebanon has bought itself stability for at least a few more  years, and inshallah things can be worked out so it's stable forever.  But we'll see.  :)
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